Taking Blockchain to the Next Stage


At HashHub, we are committed to taking blockchain to the next stage. We aim to nurture quality blockchain projects and technology and become the hub linking Japan and the rest of the world.


Coworking space operation
Our coworking space in Hongo, Tokyo is a place where entrepreneurs in Japan and those overseas can gather to share their knowledge and ideas. We offer comprehensive support for resident projects and developers.
In-house development studio
At HashHub, we not only provide support for resident projects, we also have an operations team working with leading-edge blockchain technology and a studio for development and experiments.
Open source development support
We support open source developers and aim to raise the level of blockchain protocol development in Japan. At the same time, we seek to elevate our expertise and technology to the business layer.

Coworking Space

The HashHub coworking space crosses borders both in the blockchain world and in the real world, bringing together entrepreneurs and developers.

The Hongo area of Tokyo has a strong academic feel to it, and in our space you will be able to focus on your development. Come by HashHub and see what it’s like to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and developers on the leading-edge!

  • Three minutes from Hongo-sanchome station (near the University of Tokyo)
  • Nearly 200 square meters of space with fifty seats
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Event space (limited to resident events only)
  • Individual offices


Bitcoiner / Entrepreneur

Working in the cryptocurrency space full-time since 2014 after developing an interest in Bitcoin.

Not only active in blockchain media/project operations in Japan, but also involved in the development of token-based services and is known as a token economy pioneer in Japan. Graduated UC Berkeley in 2012.

Bitcoiner / Entrepreneur

After selling off the trading business he started as a student, developed his interests and activities in the Bitcoin/blockchain space.

Engaged in international investment, distributing reports via his own media operation, and acting as a corporate advisor.


Involved in launching a virtual currency exchange in 2015 before becoming a writer/editor specializing in Bitcoin media, reporting on developers, companies, and communities in Japan and overseas.

Full-time Bitcoiner since 2018, active on YouTube, written media, and consulting.

Entrepreneur / Investor

Founded Coach United in 2007, which was fully acquired by Cookpad in 2013. Established Tokyo Founders Fund in 2015, angel investor in Silicon Valley start-ups.

Invested in around 45 companies, including Money Forward , AnyPay, Mamari, etc. Graduated from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus in 2004.

Bitcoin developer
Data scientist

Engaged in data analysis research after graduating from Kyoto University. Discovered published Bitcoin/blockchain research and is now committed to cryptocurrency R&D.

Proficient in Python, Rust, and TypeScript programming languages. Specialist in crowdfunding using bitcoin and practical use of sidechain.

Bitcoin core developer

Discovered Bitcoin in 2014. Main developer on the widely used NBitcoin library.

Involved in open source projects including QBitNinja (a full block explorer), NTumbleNit, NBXplorer, and BTCPayServer (an open source payment processor). Active as cofounder of Metaco and developer at DG Lab.