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About us



Until now having native assets, proof of ownership, individual identification online has been a real challenge. However, blockchain technology is redefining the concept of trust and making this a more feasible possibility.

We believe individual choice in who and what to trust will be the most important change likely to affect our society in the next decade.

Thanks to the invention of Bitcoin, using a currency not issued by any government has become one of those choices.

We believe that world could be a better place if each of us were free to make these kinds of choices, and blockchain is a powerful technology that can provide us with a wider variety of them.


A world where you have a choice other than leaving your funds in a bank
A world where you can have total control how your personal data is going to be used
A world where you have broader choices in who and what networks to trust

HashHub sees blockchain as a post-Internet paradigm-shifting phenomenon that is drastically changing database management, with potentially game-changing implications for the finance industry. We will create a new context for this new era of technology.


Our Mission

Make the world a better place by redefining trust and building choice.


Our Value

Drive to Succeed

We make sure every action takes us closer to achieving our goals, we learn from our mistakes, and we constantly improve.

Win Together

The crypto community is important part of HashHub. We collaborate with startups working in our blockchain community and seek success together.

Continuous Learning

We never settle. Keep learning.

Be Tech-Oriented

Passion and respect for technology drive our team.

Product development

We have a team of engineers working on leading-edge blockchain technology and a studio for development and experimentation.

Blockchain co-working space

We operate a co-working space specialized for the blockchain industry in Tokyo, Japan.

Blockchain courses

HashHub conducts intensive blockchain courses for engineers and business developers.

Research and consulting

We offer blockchain consulting services for enterprise applications.




Co-Founder / CEO

After selling off the trading business he started as a student, developed his interests and activities in the Bitcoin/blockchain space.Engaged in international investment, distributing reports via his own media operation, and acting as a corporate advisor.

Company Info

Company Name HashHub Inc
Founded April 2018
Founders Junya Hirano / Yoriko Beal
Location 7F, 3-38-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo
Capital ¥9,800,000
Areas of business Software development, Research and Consulting, Blockchain co-working space