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We offer blockchain consulting services such as designing token schemes, crypto business research, and blockchain engineer/business workshops. For projects and companies outside Japan, we offer knowledge and connections in the Japanese local market.

high quality research for R&D

Blockchain Industry Research

The HashHub enterprise package comes with 10+ blockchain and crypto reports every month, online meet-ups, and usage of our co-working space. It is suitable for connecting crypto startups and keeping up with latest industry trends.

Consulting Service

We offer other blockchain consulting services for enterprise.

For projects and companies outside of Japan, we can offer knowledge and connections in the Japanese local market.  

micropayments for marketing

Bitcoin Solutions for Business

HashHub provides enterprise services, supporting bitcoin payment for e-commerce, micropayments using lightning network etc.

for blockchain business developer

Blockchain Learning Courses

HashHub has two blockchain courses. One is an intensive blockchain engineer course held weekly, featuring half day classes and online chat groups. Participants learn about bitcoin and ethereum in 2 months. This is held in collaboration with Fressets, which is a leading blockchain tech security company based in Tokyo.

Our blockchain business course is for business developers. This one-month course covers the basic technical architecture of blockchain as well as monetization models for blockchain companies and hands on to try using blockchain services.


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